Thursday, March 13, 2008

Official Results - Numbers and Percentages


Dean Haldenby

59% - 651 votes

Renaud Philippe Garner
25% - 273 votes

Joseph Wesley Richards II
16% - 177 votes

François Picard
0.1% (1 write-in vote)

Jimmy Wales
0.1% (1 write-in vote)



Jonathan Weber
48 Yes - 6 No

Common Law
Michael Brown
41 Yes - 3 No

Health Sciences
Mélissa Borduas
127 Yes - 10 No

OFFICIAL VOTER TURNOUT : 3.75% - Total votes 1110

Photo courtesy of Jason Chiu. The SFUO2 Blog exclusive.

Results from wPhone

Haldenby 59%
Garner 25%
Richards 16%
Wales and Picard 0.1%

All BOA candidates elected.

Announced officially in 5 minutes.

INSIDE THE SENATE: Moving right now

We are going to the 1848 right now. Results will be announced in 10 minutes.

INSIDE THE SENATE: I just realised...

That the unofficial SFUO Blog poll has 25%+ the amount of votes the official SFUO by-elections have.

How accurate is this poll? Is the credibility of this blog at stake? More details to come.

INSIDE THE SENATE: People getting restless

Scrutineers and representatives are getting rowdy. Seriously. People want to leave the room but this Campus Idol is really slowing down the process.

INSIDE THE 1848: Dean Haldenby

Actually, we are still in the Senate, but sources tell us Dean Haldenby is the only candidate at 1848 tonight.

Results coming soon.

INSIDE THE SENATE: I'm trying to leak the results

But Sylvia is watching me like a hawk. More info in the next minutes.

INSIDE THE SENATE: Debating the drink tickets

Sylvia Lewis-Havard has contacted 1848 and asked about drink tickets. All people in this room get beer tickets. There will be drink tickets. That is official.

According to a source wearing a Pink shirt next to me, it is Karaoke night at 1848.

INSIDE THE SENATE: Official results (Kinda)


The fourth place is a tie between Jimmy Wales and François Picard. Both got one write-in.

INSIDE THE SENATE: Moving to 1848

We are calling Jason Collard to figure out how far they are in Campus Idol.