Thursday, March 13, 2008

Official Results - Numbers and Percentages


Dean Haldenby

59% - 651 votes

Renaud Philippe Garner
25% - 273 votes

Joseph Wesley Richards II
16% - 177 votes

François Picard
0.1% (1 write-in vote)

Jimmy Wales
0.1% (1 write-in vote)



Jonathan Weber
48 Yes - 6 No

Common Law
Michael Brown
41 Yes - 3 No

Health Sciences
Mélissa Borduas
127 Yes - 10 No

OFFICIAL VOTER TURNOUT : 3.75% - Total votes 1110

Photo courtesy of Jason Chiu. The SFUO2 Blog exclusive.


Melissa Borduas said...

Thank you! Merci! :0)

Serge MIVILLE said...

I wanted Wikipedia to win.

Dean said...

J'aimerais vous remerciez d'avoir voté! Merci à tous et toutes qui ont voté! Nous allons avoir une superbe année!

I would like to thank those that voted! Thank you to the voters! We're going to have a great year!


Ramy said...
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